COmmonly asked Questions

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+ I'm Concerned that a 10 piece band will be too loud

Our goal is to enhance your special event, not to take over. Our sound system is state of the art and the volume level is constantly monitored. We are always amenable to lowering the volume at your request.
Some things to consider are: Low-volume background music is played during dinner. Your guests will be able to carry on conversations and get acquainted at this time. The dance sets are played immediately following dinner in order to “get the party started.” These sets are more “high-energy” and will naturally be a little louder, but maintain a reasonable volume at all times. Please note that it is always good practice to seat those with more sensitive hearing away from the band for more enjoyment.

+ How much space do you need?

Our preferred stage is 12’ x 24’. We can adapt to many different venues from living rooms to ballrooms. Let us know about your special needs and we can tailor our setup for you.

+ Can you learn special songs that are not on your song list?

Yes, in most cases we can learn one or two special songs. We ask that you consult our bandleader when you first choose those songs. The earlier special requests are made, the more likely it is to be honored.

+ How many breaks do you take?

We work closely with each client to integrate our breaks into their schedule with minimal disruption to the flow of events. That often means we take two 25-minute breaks. If the event has a meal, one break occurs as the entree is served and the second is after the first dance set

+ What music do you play on breaks?

We have a wide variety of music on CDs and iPod. Our custom play lists fit most occasions.

+ Can I provide my own music for breaks?

Yes, feel free to provide an iPod or custom playlist. If you want to provide your own music, give us two separate playlists that can be played unattended. One should include light background music for the dinner break; the other should be up-tempo music to play between dance sets.

+ Who will serve as MC

Our lead singer will serve as Master of Ceremonies throughout the evening. Bringing over twenty years of professional experience, our Master of Ceremonies will keep the festivities flowing with style and grace.

+ When do you arrive to set up?

We arrive three hours before the start of the event. That timeframe allows enough time to setup and perform a live sound check with the band before guests enter the room. If your event requires a quick setup, we are happy to accommodate that with advanced notice. A typical “quick setup” takes about an hour

+ What are your electrical requirements?

Generally, we require two grounded, 20-Amp/120-Volt, 60 Hz circuits that are dedicated solely for band use. For very large or very small spaces, our requirements will vary slightly.

+ Do we need to provide food for the band?

A light meal or snack is always appreciated, but not required. Each special event requires many hours of set up and tear down, in addition to the high energy performance resulting in a 10-12 hour commitment. Most caterers or hotels can provide "vendor" meals to their clients at a reasonable cost for the band, photographers, etc

+ Can you provide music for a cocktail hour or wedding ceremony?

Yes. We take pride in providing you with the finest performances for all occasions. We might suggest any of the following: a solo piano, a small instrumental ensemble such as a piano & saxophone duo, or piano, bass & saxophone trio. We have many options for a wedding ceremony. We can provide: solo piano, piano with trumpet, piano with flute, and guitar with bass and voice to mention a few. Please consult your agent to discuss what is best your event.